For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

- Matthew 6:21

Why we give.

In 2011, Carrie was on a mission trip to Ukraine with the youth group from Cleburne Bible Church - lead by Don Hunt -  where they met some incredible people. Vika and Misha are full of love, life, and Jesus and are currently doing everything they can to help those around them. They are offering food, relief, shelter, transportation out of war zones, and access to the Gospel in Ukraine and risking their lives on a daily basis to do so. As you can imagine, this is not only physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing, but also financially draining. Will you help us raise the funds they need in order to continue their efforts in Ukraine?

An Update From The Field

Dear brothers & sisters, my close friends! We go on with our ministry. Everyone keeps on ministering with what he can. During this time we've managed to establish the delivery system of necessary food to such cities as Kiev, Kharkiv, Chernigov, Bila Tserkva, Vinnitsa, Brovary, Boyarka, Gostomel, Ternopyl for the refugees and many small towns around these large cities. We have successfully managed to purchase a few mini-vans, so that we could be more productive and deliver medicine, and all necessary things. We have 4 to 6 bigger buses that travel regularly to the cities, and there are 4 smaller buses in Kiev that deliver the stuff further around the city, serving lots & lots of people. Dear brothers & sisters, thanks to you a a week ago we could buy some of these vehicles. Thanks to you we could provide the essential products to people, and we still keep on doing it. We are so grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts! Besides, we continue to have classes with children and we also have opportunity to send people overseas. We do our best to help these people to settle in other countries. Some days ago the house, where Anatoliy & I  live, was also shelled! It is unfortunately not easy to realize that every day you've got less and less chances and hope that we'll be able to come back home soon. It makes our hearts sink and we drop our hands, but we do believe that through our work, through our desire to shed the light into the darkness the Lord will be glorified. We believe that through our light of Jesus Christ we will have a victory really soon! Therefore, we are so thankful for all your support! We are ever grateful for all your prayers, for all your encouragement and for the fact that you are always with us! May God bless you!
Unfortunately, just to add to what's already happening in Polyana, Transcarpathia, in the Western Ukraine, where we are receiving all the refugees, where lots of them were living, including the families with children, in that very large, main, four-storied building, where we had been receiving refugees, right at the time we had classes with the children of the refugees, a terrible fire occurred! Half of the building has been burned already! It's just impossible to quench that fire!!! It's extremely hard, extremely difficult, when there's war everywhere, lots of sorrow and pain, and now this place is in great trouble! We don't know yet, why it happened. Please, support us through prayer. We have new refugees, and there's no place at the moment to provide accommodation for the present ones! We can’t imagine at the moment how to compensate this terrible financial loss we have! We need to at least close of the building that's been burned, because it's just standing open after fire. Also my younger child George has very high temperature. Really difficult. Just tired, just need your prayers and support! 🙏❤️😭
Thank you so much for choosing to support the relief efforts in Ukraine. You can give now by selecting "Supporting Ukraine" in the drop down menu, choosing your donation amount, and filling out the information needed. Know that 100% of the proceeds gathered will go directly to supporting this Kingdom cause. Again, we cannot thank you enough.